“Basic” Carbon Cub for Flight Alaska

Microsoft have announced a small amount of further detail regarding what will be included as part of their Alaska expansion for Flight.

In a news article posted yesterday, they announced: “Prepare for takeoff! While exploring over 600,000 square miles of new scenery, 565 airports and 137 seaplane bases in the Land of the Midnight Sun, you’ll encounter new Gold Rushes, Challenge Courses and Landing Challenges. You’ll also receive a basic version of the Carbon Cub. Get ready to tackle the Alaskan wilderness, coming soon on Games for Windows—LIVE and Steam.

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  1. I won’ be buying way
    Not at all interested in this NO VC CUB.
    what a mess this has turned out to be.

  2. Flight Fan: “We don’t want cockpit-less planes! We want cockpits please, pretty please! One more cockpit-less airplane and I’m going back to FSX or to Prepar3D!”
    Microsoft: “Did you guys hear something?”
    Flight Fan: “Hello? Anybody there?”
    Microsoft: “Hey guys what do the fans want?”
    Microsft Guys: “We aren’t sure, how about some new cockpit-less aircraft? As long as they get scenery they’ll pull out their wallets!”
    Flight Fan: “No more of my money with cockpits! Do you hear me Microsoft?!?”
    Microsoft: “Great job guys, a huge scenery area with more cockpit-less aircraft that take half the development time.”
    Microsoft Guys: “And the scenery looks almost as good as some FSX payware, good thing we have our new shaders and lighting to fool the masses…”
    Flight Fan: “I swear, one more cockpit-less airplane and I’m back to FSX…”

  3. You uninstalled FSX in the first place, Philip? Why!?!?!

    The only thing that the wording they use does do is leave open the possibility of a “Full” version as well as the “Basic” version.

    Personally, I’m not interested in a Carbon Cub anyway so that doesn’t bother me. It’s not an aircraft I’d use if it was available as a full version. Why would I want another two seater aircraft with no ability to use it in place of the Maule for anything? Presuming someone has bought all the DLC, the Stearman, Van’s and Carbon Cub would be usable for aerobatics, hamburgers and the a/c specific landing challenges. That’s all. If you want to do anything else, you’re still limited to the Maule.

  4. I had high hopes for Flight,never uninstalled FSX though..
    Ive had every version of msfs since it first came out.I can’t even be bothered to update FLIGHT with the latest patch.I find it very very boring and sterile and although the graphics have been updated(nice shadow effects)that alone is not enough to keep me interested.It’s ok if you want to find aerocaches or do slow passenger or cargo drops.I quickly tired of that.


  5. I never uninstalled FSX, I uninstalled Flight after one day… 🙂

  6. So, what you’re actually saying, Philip, is that you are complaining about something you know next to nothing about, without qualification or reference to be able to do so.

    I’ll add you to the ever growing list. 😉

  7. If it makes you feel better, then I’ll be happy to be added to your ever growing list. 😉

    But it won’t dissuade me from speaking my mind and voicing my opinion (no matter how “qualified” I am) in the hopes that those that can make a difference in Microsoft Flight Simulator or who develop it’s direct competition know what I expect from a simulation.

  8. All it does is make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about, unfortunately. There is no way that in less than one day (and presumably with none of the DLC; would I be correct?) that you have any idea at all what Flight is or isn’t capable of.

    You are also putting your words into the mouths of others, as you state yourself that you are not a “Flight fan”, yet claim to speak for them. Do you not consider that a little rude, to say the least?

    It makes me feel no better or worse that you are one amongst many – it just makes me roll my eyes that people can comment so vociferously in such ignorance.

    You won’t make any difference at all to Microsoft Flight Simulator, as Microsoft have made it very clear that Flight is not and was never intended to be FS11, yet people (like you) keep complaining that it isn’t. “Tough”, I think is the appropriate response.

    If you want to support a simulator that does what you want, then support it. Don’t berate other peoples’ choices, especially when you don’t actually know a whole lot about it.

  9. Hi Ian P,

    I agree with you!
    And even i was complaining! 😉



  10. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t complain at least about parts of Flight. Some people are clearly happy – if you look at the threads on their Facebook page, for instance (before they have chance to “edit” them, which is a bad habit they develop occasionally) then you will see a considerable number of ‘likes’ and positive comments as well as numerous negative comments – many of which are pointless like “I’ll buy this when you do the rest of the world” or “Where’s my 737/747?”.

    When I posted this article, as an example, there were 177 “likes”, if I remember correctly, to the post and about forty comments, most of which were ‘looks cool’ or similar or ‘good grief, when are you going to release an aircraft with a cockpit, this is stupid!’ or similar.

    Like I said on another thread recently, whenever I run Flight (which isn’t anywhere near as often as I run FSX or XP10) I have MP left open and people always join the session, for at least a few minutes. I have never yet seen anyone using a “basic” warbird – even the free “Red Tails” P-51D (which I have downloaded and not even flown once) – in MP.

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