Orbx release free PNW grass strips

Developer Tom Brooks has released his first sceneries for Orbx as free downloads to users, covering three grass airfields in the Pacific North West area; 7WA3 West Wind, 4WA8 Riverside and a farmer’s grass field strip.

Links to download the three fields (as a single installer for P3D and/or FSX) can be found on the Orbx forums here.

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  1. HI,

    wrong pic, the pic you use is from FLIGHT.
    By the way, Alaska for Flight is released via Marketplace.


  2. Thanks Boerries. Not sure why that happened – both pics were in the library as attached to the article and it was displaying the first one, from Flight, rather than the one I told it to when I wrote the article up. The only way I could get the right one to display was to delete the Alaska one… Odd, but the AK one was irrelevant, so it doesn’t matter.

    Thanks also for the heads up on Alaska – they messed up and released partial content on the XBox Live store before it was actually released, a couple of days ago, but it’s available inside the sim now as well so that’s a little more official. Wonder why they haven’t told anyone yet? Rallying their staff to defend themselves from the inevitible backlash? 😉

  3. Hi Ian,

    I´m astonished they released a whole bunch of relating downloads, mostly LCs and textures. Is there “something in the air”?


  4. I don’t know. I just saw all the “free” downloads too, when I went to get the direct purchase URL from the store. Possibly because Alaska isn’t surrounded by water, the same as Hawaii is, they had to do something for it to butt up against, even if there’s nothing out there to see? I’m guessing, rather than speaking from knowledge, there.

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