Airac Cycle 1207 ready

Navigraph has already prepared the Airac Cycle 1207 update for the navigational database of a wide range of addons.

I won’t list them all here, but to name of them : airliners of PMDG, Level-D, Flight 1 ATR, iFly, PSS, Wilco, Quality-Wings, Captain Sim and others, flight planners like FSBuild, FS Commander, FS Navigator, or even utilities like Electronic Flight Bag / Aivlasoft, Dispatch Planner… , and gauges Flyware FsXpand, Prosim 737, Flight1 G1000 .. Once again, it’s not exhaustive ! Purchase credits to get access to the update.

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Salustiano Francisco de Oliveira
Tuesday, July 3, 2012 01:50

Sou Piloto virtual e gostaria de obter a AIRAC 1207, faço voos pelo FMC e pratico sempre muitos vvos virtuais no FS 2004.