Scammer switches tactics

We’ve mentioned this before and you may have seen it elsewhere recently as well, but the scam reselling of open-source (and free to download!) simulator Flightgear is apparently continuing apace, with the latest tactic being to use the URLs of real, completely unrelated and entirely innocent websites to draw people in through facebook ads.

In addition to using URLs of Wikipedia, Google and other major international sites, the scammers are now using flight simulator site URLs to try and pretend that “Virtual Pilot 3d, “Flight Simulator Pro” or any of its numerous pseudonyms has been somehow endorsed by, or is being distributed by, those sites. It isn’t. If you want to try Flightgear then please visit their website and see what the team have been adding for yourself – and for free. We can only reiterate once again that not a cent or penny of the extortionate rate being charged by the scammers for their renamed versions reaches the program’s authors and advise you to steer well clear.

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  1. I did flag all the movies of them I saw on youtube but it didn’t seem to do much. I am doing the same thing on facebook when their add comes up.

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