X-plane 777 Worldliner


Combine the latest flight simulator on the market X-Plane 10 and the modern long haul airliner of Boeing, the “triple seven”.

X-Plane pilots should have the ability to fly a realistic simulation of the Worldliner variant, 777-200LR, in next August according to this preview video. I guess this is the XP Jets product.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012 15:45

Thanks for the info Sebastien! However, a tip, I would change “next August” to “this August”. Many will surely misinterpret it as August 2013, when it’s due to release in August this year.

Ian P
Saturday, July 21, 2012 17:00
Reply to  joherszch

I always have that discussion with my wife… She says “next weekend” as meaning the one at the end of this week and “next Friday” as being the one at the end of this week… She’s from Northern Ireland, not France, so even native English speakers can’t agree on the definition of “next” when it comes to days. 😉