Carbon Cub gets a cockpit

We’ll recycle the Alaska picture again to go with the latest announcement from Microsoft’s Flight‘s team, I think. After all, they haven’t provided any new ones yet.

This classic plane just got even better with the addition of a full virtual cockpit! The deluxe Carbon Cub will be available 7/25/12.

So, as most predicted, Flight gets another two-seater – albeit one with a VC so you can fly it properly. We do have to wonder how well it will sell compared to the cockpitless warbirds, though!

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  1. Give MS FLIGHT a try guys! It is really worth the money 🙂

    OTOH using MS FLIGHT relightened my simmer spirit, and I am now seriously considering going Prepar3d Academic :-), or DCS p-51, or xplane10, well… I don’t know yet…

  2. Peopnle who have never used a PC simulator acn certainly follow your advice, but those who already know how flexible, dynamic and open to all immagined simulation scenarios, fsx was, will not enjoy a limited and static world suchas the one in Flight…

  3. See that bit where he says relightened (sic) Michel? Not everyone is as negative as you are about it.

  4. Wow, so that’s like four planes with cockpits pretty much for the cost of FSX Deluxe on Amazon where every plane has a cockpit….

    What a ponzi scheme….

  5. Do you actually know what a ponzi scheme is, Colin? Clearly not. Please try not to make yourself look a fool in public.

    You may not like the pricing scheme that MS have chosen, but selling someone a product license at a price you dislike isn’t illegal.

    1. OK… So. You can’t read *AND* don’t know how to spell my name, even though it’s written only one post above? Should I correct your spelling of “riddance” as well?

      For five odd months, all I’ve been saying is that some people do like Flight and that MS never intended it to be MSFS11, the line of which was ended when ACES closed. Along the way I’ve corrected a number of misconceptions (most real world pilots repeatedly point out that Flight’s dynamics are a marked improvment over FSX’s default aircraft, there ARE radio nav aids and they DO work), but overall, clearly you missed all the sarcasm in the news articles that I’ve posted if you think that I believe Microsoft have done the right thing with Flight.

      The other thing I have posted – which will now be proven entirely correct – is that Flight has not and could not ever “kill the hobby”. It’s still going. People are still using FS9, people are still using FSX (which is still being sold, both in download and boxed editions) and people are using X-Plane, along with many other sims. I see no “dead hobby”, I certainly see a scattered hobby with polarised opinions that “their” sim is better than anyone else’s, but people are still developing, still pushing the boundaries and it certainly isn’t even ill, let alone dead.

      The one problem I do see is that now only one company is actively developing a sim. If you want to see arrogance, ignorance of customers and developers, look no further than Austin Meyer. Good luck getting him to listen to your complaints!

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