Vertigo Studios WW2 Trainer

Boeing’s Primary Trainer 17, part of the Model 75 series and better known to many as the “Stearman” after the aircraft’s original designer and producer, is probably one of the best known biplane aircraft in the world.

Produced, as the PT- designation implies, for ab initio training of US armed forces personnel, the PT-17 has gone on to serve in many other countries and for over half a century after its production ended. It is still a popular display and aerobatic aircraft today in numerous bright and colourful paint schemes – many of which date back to wartime and pre-war use, not just applied for modern day crowds to appreciate.

Both military and civilian versions of the aircraft are included in Vertigo Studios‘ package, which is now available for MS FSX SP2 or Acceleration through simMarket by download. The package includes “Tru3D” gauges, numerous graphical features and ‘eye candy’ as well as a Sonic Solutions sound set and a number of liveries plus a paint kit to develop your own.

You might need moutaineering kit to reach the cockpit (they’re not small airframes!) but you’re pretty sure to enjoy your time there. Find out more by clicking here.

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