A2A launches Aviation Review, buys aircraft

A2A Simulations have announced the formation of a sister company – Aviation Review – and the purchase of a ‘corporate aircraft’ in the form of a Piper Comanche 250.

The purpose of Aviation Review is “…to test fly various aircraft in the industry and deliver in-depth, informative reports to aircraft owners around the globe”, while it will also provide test and development assistance to A2A Simulations with current and future products.

The full press release text with more details can be read by clicking “Read More” below.

Full press release text:

“A2A Simulations forms sister company, Aviation Review, and purchases a corporate aircraft.

With Accu-Sim’s increasing use in professional flight simulations, A2A has decided to use their experience and open the doors to a brand new general aviation company, “Aviation Review.” Aviation Review’s primary purpose is to test fly various aircraft in the industry and deliver in-depth, informative reports to aircraft owners around the globe.  Aviation Review will also serve as a professional, hands-on flight test resource for A2A Simulations existing and future products.  Aviation Review now owns and operates a high performance Piper Comanche 250.

“After several weeks of pretty intense research, the Piper Comanche 250 was chosen for its high altitude, speed, long range, and load carrying capacity.  It’s an honest aircraft with no vices.  It’s also very nice to be back into aircraft ownership again,” said Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations Inc.

“There has been a growing wave of demand for Accu-Sim in the aviation industry.  We think this is happening because Accu-Sim gives real aviators tools they simply have not previously had access too.  Accu-Sim simulates well beyond how an aircraft flies, deep into the internal systems including how they interact with each other.  This interaction is critical for proper procedures and safety in real-world operations.  Accu-Sim offers a plethora of benefits to almost every aspect of operating and managing both modern and vintage aircraft today,” said Lewis Bloomfield of A2A Simulations Inc.”

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  1. Thank you! Finally, a GA plane with correctly modeled systems. I have a request; when you guys finish the 250, a Cessna 210 would be a fun plane ;). The other question is, will you guys have a virtual EDM? This would be a cool feature because pilots can learn proper engine leaning.

  2. The Comanche is a real aircraft, Andrew, puchased for use by Flight Review, who will be reviewing real world aircraft.

    You’re jumping the gun rather a lot, as they have not said that they are modelling it for FS… At least not yet.

  3. I have been looking for a Comanche 250. sim for years i am a real pilot .get ready to buy Comanche 260.sure hope you guys make one been useing ms flight sim every one they made + all the xplanes fly2 pro pilot and a few more

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