Two aircraft for three sims from Carenado

The video above shows the latest release from Carenado‘s stable; the C182T Skylane with a G1000 glass cockpit fit, designed to provide more information to the pilot in a way that doesn’t overload their senses and capability to deal with the input. In this instance, Carenado have also strayed a little outside their usual ‘comfort zone’ as well and have provided a degree of detail to the displays above and beyond that to which sim pilots may be accustomed from the default G1000 aircraft in FSX and P3D.

With a features list including traffic and terrain awareness, it is perhaps unsurprising that there are no fewer than 7 PDF manuals/documents for this new release, which co-incides with the release of the company’s C208 Grand Caravan freighter expansion for X-Plane. The C208 freighter variant does require the base package to be installed first and although developed for X-Plane 9, will also work in the newer version 10 of the sim, with a promised upgrade to XP10 functionality in the future.

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