PMDG products in P3D ?

Did you ever wonder why you had to make a manual install for your PMDG aircraft in Prepar3D if it’s supposed to be “alike FSX” ? And you thought that PMDG should have made the automatic installer for you already, if that’s not that hard for them.

As end users, we don’t have to worry a lot about commercial rules, contracts and so on between involved companies. PMDG manager accepted to explain their point of view and pending issues about Prepar3d and Lockheed Martin.

The first point has been that p3D licecne made the user way too dependent upon Lockheed Martin decisions to maintain access and use to third party expansions that could be developed for their sim. In other words, PMDG haven’t felt enough safety for their customers they could use an entertainment expansion without any actual or future limitation applied by Prepar3d publisher. Both parties are in contact, so if things get sorted out, we’ll let you know.

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