Ideal Flight 10 in a box

The boxed versions just keep coming, don’t they? This time it’s Flight1‘s “Ideal Flight 10” which can now be purchased as physical media from simMarket, a tool which might be of interest to those in the hobby who are never quite sure where to fly to next.

At its heart, Ideal Flight 10 generates random flights – with a flight plan – depending on your preferences, anywhere in the FSX world. The product’s sales pitch describes itself as; “…an automated flight planner and global weather generation utility like no other, which creates a flight based on your selected filters such as flight duration, favourite routes, aircraft and airports, weather conditions and failures. It then provides a comprehensive pre-flight briefing and post-flight assessment including a Pilot Career log with awards.”

Fancy taking a look? There’s a free demo of the software which can be downloaded from the product page. Take a look and see where you end up being sent!

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