Professional Flight Planner X news

For the most realistic flight possible on your home PC, you need more than a simulator, a detailed aircraft and a realistic scenery. You need to act like an actual pilot does too : prepare and plan your flight !

At FlightSimSoft, there’s already TOPCAT to compute your takeoff performance settings (TakeOff Thrust, Flaps, TakeOff Speeds V1 VR V2, and landing speeds Vref  Vapp, runway remaining distance..). All of these are given according to your actual aircraft type, weights, flight distance and airport weather, runway conditions, systems running (Anti Ice and Air Conditioning ON/OFF..). That helps a lot in your dispatch preflight.

Before you get at that step, you need a flight plan with the safest and best fuel efficient route according to the weather and your aircraft requirements. Professional Flight Planner X (PFPX) will do this and more. We will be able to prepare a full flight briefing package when combined with TOPCAT .

Already, just with PFPX it seems like you get along your flight route, the vertical profile, the accurate flight level according to the local rules (RVSM or not), NOTAM’s, ETOPS, fuel predictions etc..  If you want to follow the development news in their forum, click here for the latest infos.

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