DOM-GNL #25, #26 and #27

Unfortunately there was a problem with Robert Graf‘s last report on his progress through the DOM-GNL sim racing championship, which doesn’t appear to have been resolved, so we’ll have to pick up our coverage with round 25, under the lights at Richmond… Click “Read More” for Robert’s latest reports. For his first full year, he’s still doing far from badly!

#25 Richmond (Night):
Setup was good, but unfortunately that of the other guys wasn’t. I was going strong for a TOP10 finish, but then one car got loose while I was passing on the inside, out of turn 4. He didnt go high, but I did since i couldnt see him, because I was right alongside. After the contact he spun right across my hood and I straightened him again. Race control did not think this yellow-flag-worthy and the race continued. Of course I was now damaged and slow and lost places and laps in the aftermath. I only managed 15th place in the end.
#26 Chicagoland:
Reallife intervened again, business this time.
#27 New Hampshire:
I was feeling slow on that track, it seemed I couldn’t find my line there. And if i did, I messsed it up the next lap. Right from the start I was fighting hard to make up places. Already at this early laps of the race, one driver emerged as the main rival, Sebastian Lohs, driver of the #3 car. I followed him closely for the first 70 laps, conserving my tires. I was quicker, but its extremly hard to pass here. I even tried it on the outside starting the 2nd stint, but that wouldn’t work either. Then my teammate Andreas (#22) came along and I let him by. Then finally a situation emerged where we went 3-wide (see picture), with Andreas passing on the outside and me trying to make it happen on the inside. It worked for Andreas, I had to wait another lap before i finally got through.
On lap 105 we got the first and only yellow of the race, as usual I gained 2 spots on the pitstop and was now in the TOP10. Then I hugged my teammate’s fender and stayed there for the next 70 laps. Right to the end I only had tenths to spare in front and behind. Finally, my patient, but hard, drive was rewarded with an 8th place. It felt really good after that disapointing race in Atlanta.
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