FS++ Update Multi Crew Experience

FS++ have released an update to their popular “Multi Crew Experience” expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulators 9 and X.

The FS++ team is pleased to inform the flight simulator community that “Multi Crew Experience” voice control add-on for FSX & FS9 has been updated with the following features.

For the first time ever a 3 man crew classic aircraft, the SimCheck A300B, can now be operated in a fully simulated crew environment. Both Co-pilot and flight engineer will be there to assist. You can either give direct voice commands, or script a sequence of actions they should perform via a single custom voice command. No need to memorise what you need to say.

People using Pro Flight ATC add-on can now enjoy talking to controllers instead of looking for keys to press.

A fully working time limited Demo is available from this link:

Do not forget to download and install the extra high quality pre-recorded voices. They will work with the Demo too.”

The full package is available from simMarket, here.

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