Flight Replicas and Warbirdsim Bf109+P-51K

Developer John Terrell of Warbirdsim is… somewhat well known for his love of the P-51 Mustang series of aircraft, as can be seen from the number of variants he has already developed and released for Microsoft FSX.

For this latest package, however, Warbirdsim have teamed up with Flight Replicas, well known themselves for high quality historical aircraft, to add an opponent to the mix and release it as a combined package. The result is this: WBS’s P-51K alongside the Flight Replicas Messerschmitt Bf-109K. Both aircraft near the pinnacle of their series’ performance.

Both aircraft are designed to be operated ‘by the book’ and contain numerous features and functions, along with a number of repaints within the package. Rather than list the entire package contents in this article, take a look at the product page for full information, more screenshots and to purchase your copy.

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