Imagine Sim’s Atlanta for FSX

Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America, is the world’s busiest airport. According to the information provided by Imagine Sim,  it handles a collossal ninety-two million passengers per year. Their FS9 scenery for the airport has been around for a while, but now it is available for FSX users as well.

“The airport features custom made runways, terminal buildings rendered to 5cm per pixel scale, an interactive docking system to park you right on your mark, taxiways with highly realistic concrete textures, full airport taxiway and runway signage, 3D approach lighting and full ILS navigation. There are hundreds of airport vehicles and ground personnel, aircraft can be found parked at custom textured parking positions, all hangers, cargo and airport auxiliary buildings are modelled, there is even a perimeter fence – all under the steady gaze of intermittently placed security cameras!

In case that sounds like it might stress your system a little, there’s a demo version you can try first. Details of this, and the rest of the information about the scenery, can be found here.

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