FranceVFR’s Alsace VFR v2 for FSX

Those of us that like flying over photoreal terrain, but dislike the completely flat nature of most photosceneries may well have already heard of and possibly already own some of France VFR‘s “VFR Regional” sceneries.

By placing huge amounts of representative, if not entirely accurate, objects and buildings using their 3DAutomation® technology, FranceVFR have created a product that brings the benefits of both photoscenery and autogen to significant sized areas of the country. Not all the benefits, because right now the sceneries only cover summer textures, not any of FSX’s other four seasonal variations.

They have now revisited their Alsace scenery for FSX and describe the scenery as containing “Hundreds of thousands of objects and notable buildings integrated into the environment“, “Obstacles and VFR landmarks modeled on the entire scene including the official SIA database” and “Semi-detailed airports including flatten platform correction“. Check out more screenshots and details, plus you can purchase a copy here.


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