…and more again from Trains and Drivers!

Trains and Drivers must be clearing a backlog as, following their three scenario pack releases yesterday, today brings another round of three to add to your TS2012/13 collection.

First up this time is Railtour US. Unsurprisingly, this uses pretty much every official US route available, as well as the F40PH California Zephyr add-on, with six activities across a range of passenger hauling jobs, simulating a tour around much of the United States.

Next up is Small Engine, Great Work! This pack uses the Hatchet Hill Quarry and Doncaster Works routes, with the Class 03 shunter pushing and pulling around loads far larger than itself. Each route has three activities, for a total again of six.

Finally we move back to the US and Switching Day in Chicago for some more shunting – or switching in US rail lexicon – using the GP9 add-on. Pictured above, this pack has a final six activities to test your skills and keep you entertained.

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