Euro Truck Simulator 2 new update

How many deliveries have you already achieved in Euro Truck Simulator 2 ? With 18 of them already done along 19.000 km in Europe, i’ve been able to upgrade my company with 4 employees. All of them are driving the same truck Renault Magnum but with an upgraded engine at 480Hp, and trained for both long distance and dangerous transports. Addictive…

SCS Software announced the new update release, version to include the licensed DAF trucks (instead of DAV), many adjustments or map enhancements, and new languages support. simMarket is selling both German and Spanish versions.

The development plan introduced by the makers on their blog may include a Downloadable Content (DLC) of 20 additional cities to expand the base map, with more features again.

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    1. It is available elsewhere – simMarket is only licensed to sell the German (and now Spanish) language versions of the sim, to those countries.

      The developers have decided to take a massive step backwards, towards the days of region-specific licensing, for reasons that simFlight are now party to. I know who the UK publishers are, but not who it would be for your part of the world, sorry. There is a multi-national version available from the developers’ website, which makes the region specific malarkey even more silly. I can understand it for box sets, but for download licenses, it’s daft, in my opinion. Others opinions may well vary!

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