Even more TS2013 add-ons from T&D, VR


simMarket has another four packs of add-ons for Train Simulator again today – two more from Trains and Drivers, plus, this time, two new releases from Virtual Railroads.

First up from Trains and Drivers is “Sherman Hill“. The only add-on that’s required for these six scenarios is the title route, as all the rolling stock is default to the sim and/or route.

The second T&D package is “Family Reunion“, set on the British Isle of Wight route with, again, no add-ons required other than this. As the pack name implies, these six activities are all based around a reunion of the Burke family – who must be fairly important, to get the entire island’s rail network running around for them, but it provides for a linked experience for the driver who takes on the duties…

The two Virtual Railroads packs are rolling stock and locomotoves for the German rail enthusiast – the Class 118 and appropriate coaches in both blue-beige and E-18 green liveries. Both packages contain free-roam activities to introduce you to the stock and work in both TS2012 and 2013.

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