A2A “Civilian Mustang” Released

If you’ve ever fancied the speed and altitude capabilities of a World War II fighter, but with the convenience and navigation capabilities of a modern cockpit then this could well be your answer.

As widely discussed both here and elsewhere recently, A2A’s Civilian Mustang package brings you the best of both worlds – cruise speeds faster than many airliners, while overtaking them at the same flight levels, plus a full modern avionics and radio suite for IFR navigation and flight management. There’s even a Century autopilot fitted, to allow you to rest your arms on that long cross-country flight to visit a client, friend or just for the heck of it and a hundred… maybe thousand… dollar hamburger!

Owners of the period Mustang package will be pleased to know that they are entitled to a lower price for the new package, while the P-51D Accu-Sim product is common to both WW2 and modern variants, so you only need that once if you have both aircraft. Full details can be found here.

To co-incide with the new release and bring previous models up to date with changes made, Accu-Sim Core Update 1.5 has also been released. This covers updates to the Spitfire, P-40 and P-51D packages and can be found via this post at the A2A forums, which also details the changes made by the update.

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