Aerosoft’s FlyLogic’s Grenchen X Released

Grenchen X is another one of those smaller airports from Aerosoft  Flylogic for FSX and P3D where what they save in resources and time on the airport, they make up for by adding detail to the surrounding area.

The features list for the airport includes 12cm/pixel photoreal textures, recloured for seasonal variations, plus static aircraft and numerous landmarks outside the perimeter fence as well as inside. One that we think may be a flight simulator first is the inclusion of the speed camera on the sliproad from the motorway… Maybe it caught one of the development team out during research? We’ll probably never know. Full details on the scenery, as well as an array of screenshots and purchase information, can be found by clicking here.

For owners of Switzerland Pro, you’ll be glad to read that Grenchen is designed to be compatible with the package.

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