Looking for a custom livery?

simFlight received a press release recently from Codey Wynne of Contrail Simulations to inform us of their new painting service for those who can’t find the exact livery they are looking for, or virtual airline staff in need of some assistance repainting the fleet.

Although the company and the name are new, according to the information provided, they have been repainting for the FS world since 2007 and will support all primary platforms, including FS9, FSX, X-Plane and Prepar3D. To find out more, visit their website, here. To read the full press release, click “Read More“, below.

Have you ever searched for that one special livery you always wanted for your flight simulator, but no matter how hard you searched for it you just couldn’t seem to find it anywhere? Here, at Contrail Simulations we hope to help solve this problem. We are a new company to the flight simulation community providing a texture service to flight sim enthusiasts that have this problem, or Virtual Airline owners that need their own custom livery. And, we offer this service for as little as $24.99! Now I know this might sound a bit expensive at first, but once you see the vast amount of detail we put in every single set of textures we provide you will understand. On each repaint we do we spend an average of six hours into them, mostly just making sure every little detail is the way we want it. You might ask yourself, these guys are new so what makes them so great? We have been painting for the flight sim community since early 2007, and have painted for developers such as Cielosim and SkySpirit2012. And, to assure any potential customers that they are going to get quality work when they request their own private textures, we offer free textures to download. We continue to provide the community with free textures. But the best part of our service to set us apart from other similar services we support all the major simulators including FS2004, FSX, X-Plane, and Prepar3D. So if you wish to request your own texture set, or just download some of our free texture sets visit

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  1. i would have thought ,taking into account the time involved..
    it works out about $3 an hour..not much is it.

  2. Not willing to pay for a livery by the hour personally, so yeah, it’s still a lot. Perhaps others feel differently which is entirely their right, but to me it is way too much unless I flew with a given livery almost exclusively.

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