Airbus X Extended release ?


airbus_extended_68Various clues made us think the Airbus X Extended should be released at the beginning of this week. From the “Coming Soon” section of simMarket, we found the box and download page products are ready and online. They just miss the Buy Now! button.

And Mathijs Kok confirmed it would be out before Christmas and that we shouldn’t expect more infos during the weekend. Now about more general infos, let’s remind the Airbus X Extended models the Airbus A320 and A321 to an advanced realistic level with CFM and IAE engines. Later, they will develop an expansion to add the A318 and A319 models… and they will even make the Airbus A330. Stay tuned !

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Oh great thanks Sebastien, wonderful news 🙂


It´s released. In the last Topic Mr. Kok said that there is a professionell demand for that airplane and its planed for 2013


Can’t wait for this one and I wonder where did they mention that they will make the A330, because this one could be another christmas for me 🙂


Hey….how u know its canceled for today ??? on the german page of simflight….they deleted the release post already….so looks like it will take some more days…

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