ProATC tutorial video


ATC fanatics have got interested in Pro Flight Emulator (2007 OnCourse/Aerosoft) and / or in Radar Contact v4.3 (John Dekker). But we don’t know what will become the Radar Contact V5 development started years ago as it has been stopped since past July, and we shouldn’t get any further notice before 6 months more.

So, the newer ProATC exclusively designed for FSX may bring some fresh air and popular features in ATC communications realism. And a tutorial is always fine to discover if it’s worth the money.

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  1. Sorry but why waste a good 10 minutes introducing the reasoning and background for the video? This intro should take no more than a minute otherwise you risk losing the intended audience.

  2. Real nice idea with the videos. I’ll be enjoying all of them all.
    I’m glad you showed where the new updates are. I also was looking for them on the forum.
    Nicely done.

    Thank you.

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