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Ian P

The question there is whether they attempt to correctly simulate all the systems of anything or not? I’ve never seen a claim from Carenado to have “accurate” systems, just “custom” ones.

I’ll stand corrected if someone can show me otherwise, but personally I’ve never actually expected accurate systems from Carenado. Heck, altitude hold on the autopilot is a minor miracle from their avionics.

Simon Evans

As Ian says, `old` data is based on what is present in the sim. I find it fatuous to argue with buffoons who think that upgrading the database puts them into todays’ environment. It doesn’t.

As for Carenado they are now modelling more system-complex aircraft when they didn’t even correctly model the systems of the simple.
While their external modelling is easily among the best, ther flight modelling is improving and now among the better, this still leaves them as the worst of the sophisticated sim developers, with the exception of Iris.
Reach exceeding grasp..?

Ian P

My guess would be that the G1000 would be based on the defualt FSX navdata, which, contrary to the belief of some, is the data set used by ALMOST ALL sim pilots.

Replacement navdata is not used by the majority of pilots, it is used by a small minority, the same as a short while ago, when someone claimed that nearly all sim pilots used VATSIM!


Carenado is just outside.


Another useless but nice looking aircraft ?

G1000 database from which year?
No Efis which most TBM’s have.

Pls ..pls carenado work on this.
You doing great, but this doesn’t mean you couldn’t do better.

Thank you!
Tired of buying nice looking aircrafts with old gps database and only 1 set of gauges.

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