New releases round-up

100909_D_032_1mot_OrlandoAs some of you may have noticed, there were a few technical issues last night with the simFlight sites, one of the results of which was that the releases round-up got delayed… With over 20 products released in the last 48 hours, rather than make today’s post fill everyone’s browser pages, we’ll cut back a little – if you want to see the full set, head over to simMarket’s main storefront, as usual…

So, on to the highlights and we’ll start with a slightly unusual release, which is the main reason it’s here. How do you fancy flying a rally in FSX?

1mot‘s “Rally Around Orlando” takes you literally for a tour around Floridan sights and airports, with added panels for the C172 to aid you in navigation and timekeeping, both of which will be essential to reach your goals. The “course” is set out by ground targets of various shapes and there are scenery additions/upgrades to the airports used, too.

Next up are a series of aircraft for the modern military jet enthusiast from Fly Free Studio. Their new releases, all again for FSX (Gold or Acceleration add-on required) feature a Swedish Saab JAS 39 Gripen, plus three Sukhoi jets in the form of the unique looking Su-47 Berkut with its forward-swept wings, the T-50 prototype radar-evading next generation fighter and finally a ‘paper’ design, the PAK FA Futura.

Keeping with the modern military theme, we also have a new airport from SkyDesigners, this time Airbase BA 133 Nancy Ochey; home to three squadrons of Mirage 2000 jets, plus a conversion unit and, from the statics visible in the screenshots, a few transport aircraft too.

Finally for this post, before it takes up the entire front page, Aerosoft‘s Erfurt X has been released for users of MS FS9, as previously promised by the publisher. With Aerosoft’s usual detail levels and free to users who purchased the FSX version, Germany’s smallest international airport is now ready for your arrival!

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