Source models galore!

101471_image008Recent visitors to simMarket might have noticed that one publisher seems to be hogging the headlines there a little at the moment. If you are prepared to work between all the Abacus packages, however, (no, we don’t know why either) then you’ll also find that a number of developers have released Gmax/3DSMax source files for the more developmentally inclined in the hobby.

To give you an idea of what is now available, we’ll quickly highlight the releases from three teams.

United Traffic Team have released a total of five models over the last few days, ranging from the Phenom 100 and 300 business jets, through a Sukhoi Superjet 100 and B737-800 to the considerably larger Boeing MD-11 tri-jet. All their models are in 3DSMax format.

For Gmax users, Scansim have released quite a large pack containing airliners, boats, trains, a bus and even a boat. MSK have also released some low-poly models intended for use by FS9 developers, in the form of a C-130 and Airbus A310.

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