El Hierro Download version


104014_el-hierro-10El Hierro airport, situated on the smallest of the Canary Islands, is sometimes described as having one of the most dangerous approaches in the world.

According to the documentation supplied by Sim-Wings for this FSX package, “High resolution ground textures based on an aerial image as well as Autogen cover the whole island. A custom 3D Mesh Terrain has been created for the airport featuring an underpass and a sloped car park.” Compatibility is also built-in for most major terrain mesh products, AESLite provides some life and the scenery also sports custom night lighting that the developers hope will give you a definite “wow” factor. For full details, click here.

Users of P3D may like to know that the package is also compatible with that simulator, in combination with customised files. Check the manual – linked from the product page – for details.


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