First WiP pic of A2A Skyhawk (Updated)

BDGP-SMCYAA6BRR.jpg largeOver at Twitter and Facebook, Lewis from A2A Simulations has posted the first public WiP screenshot of the team’s upcoming Accu-Sim C172 Skyhawk for FSX.

Taking a distinct turn from their warbird and classic aircraft routes, A2A announced last year that they are developing two “modern” GA singles – the C172 and Piper PA-28. Both aircraft with which most pilots are intimately familiar. Contrary to what we said earlier, the aircraft is not yet in testing – just certain members of the team like teasing their followers on social media – but no screenshots of the fully textured model have made it into circulation prior to this. The warbird fans may be upset at seeing a screenshot of a “spam can”, but many other people are awaiting more details with baited breath.

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