PMDG 777 : “let the previews begin !”

PMDG_777_prev_15_marchWe’ve not got such an interesting preview of the PMDG 777 since a long time ago, because they have been working on it as usuas in these cases. Informations and screenshots have now started to flow down, with some words about :

  • the electronic check lists : PMDG load all of them normal and non-normal with the ECL magenta pointer moving on the display along your mouse moves just like the pilot uses the Boeing ECL controller,
  • the base package content : 777-200LR and F(reighter) versions at least. For now, they wonder how they will include the ER, either in the base package or an expansion because of the many differences in models, engines, systems, sounds and performance.
  • the latest features they already included : all fly-by-wire modes, realistic delays between defaults and actual display of them on the ECAM status, accurate fuel distribution of the 777-200LR and respective overhead fuel section layout (in case that was needed to say)
  • a separate expansion will add the 777-300ER : “How long until the 300s are available?:  Not terribly long.” wrote Mr. Randazzo.
  • the electronic check-lists are facing licences providers limitations for now. They load many data that providers are not ready to sell to a reasonable price according to PMDG needs, so they are trying to negotiate or to find an alternative solution. It sounds like it would be a separate product to work with PMDG airliners (737 NGX / 777 / 747-400 v2).
  • multiplayer cockpit : without timeline, it’s definately something that PMDG is working on, and it may be ready by surprise, some day.
  • no release date or pricing announcement, but we can just read that the “PMDG 777-200LR/F Base Package for FSX is essentially complete”, and they are now “cleaning up loose ends, adding some pieces of minor functionality”. It should enter a Beta test phase later on.
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