Captain Sim released their L-1011 exterior model


Pressed by the competition, Captain Sim urged their release of their own L-1011 TriStar for FSX. This one is just an exterior 3D model, that you have to accomodate with a panel and sounds of your choice.

Just note that it makes part of their “Fun Line” products, so the features list and depth of simulation will be rather limited, when the virtual cockpit / base pack comes.


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  1. PMDG – (in the voice of Orson Welles) “We will release no airplane before it’s time…”

    Captain Sim – “Boy we miss MS Flight – our products would be right at home there…”

    I can’t believe they sell enough of these shells to warrant this complete BS way of releasing products.

  2. BUT their 3D models do always look fantastic. And I know of no other team capable of adding so many cool animations and visual depth. Of course, one could argue those are only useful for parking ramp flying…

  3. Yup, CS has lost me as a customer until they re-visit their practices. Their models are great for on-ground screen shots and that’s about it IMHO!

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