HJG Update for Easter 2013… and before!

fpWith so many screenshots of L1011s the last few days, it seems only fitting that we use the screenshot above to announce an update from Historic Jetliners Group for Easter.

With numerous models and liveries to announce for their ever growing fleet, the freeware design team say that it has been a “typically busy” period for them. The full press release can be found by clicking “Read more“, below.

HJG HJG Easter Website Update …. And More From Before !

It was during August 2013 that the HJG/HISTORIC JETLINERS GROUP (HJG) last filed a PR covering the groups newest releases …. BUT UNTIL NOW …. it’s not been practical for me (due to my own lack of personal time) to report in regard to the groups December 2012 and January 2013 activities.

SO THEN …. HJG’s latest website update, of today (the groups 2nd such update for the 2013 year), presents a fine opportunity to announce not just one, but, three such updates …. 2 of which were not supported by any previous PR announcements …..




HJG JANUARY 2013 RELEASES…ay&thread=6143


HJG MARCH 2013/”LATEST” RELEASES…ay&thread=6288


What may have appeared, to some, to have been an apparently inactive period for HJG (without any news having been forthcoming) has, in reality, been “a typically busy” period for this quality “FREEWARE” group as its commitment to FS continues unabated.

HJG have, for the past 13 years, specialized in offering high quality simulations featuring all versions of classic 4-engine narrow-body US jetliners represented by the B707, B720, C135 TYPE, CV880, CV990, and DC8 family ….. and, during more recent times, have also expanded this flight line to include more modern aircraft types such as the B717-200, B727, BAe 146/ARJ, CARAVELLE, CONCORDE, DC9, L1011 TRISTAR, and MD80/90 jetliners too …. each being supported by all of high-quality textures, panels, sounds, flight dynamics, and effects necessary to provide the best/most realistic virtual jetliner experience currently available for FS2004/FSX.

Let it be said ….. that regardless of ones FS aviation passions ….. “IF” one has not, yet, flown an HJG simulation then one has definitely been missing out a large large slice of some the best virtual civil aviation “FREEWARE” currently available for MSFS.


HISTORIC JETLINERS GROUP (HJG) …. hosted by SIMVIATION.COM and located at the following website address ….

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