WoWP NDA lifted

german_planes_image_14While people around the internet continue to declare the world of PC flight simulation “dying” or even “extinct”, it’s interesting to note that there are still games being developed for people with an interest in flying and, even better in these slightly cash strapped times, they’re free to play.

The most comprehensive and holding the incumbent position is most definitely War Thunder, but have finally lifted the shroud of secrecy from their aerial combat title World of Warplanes, towards the end of last week. While War Thunder could conceivably be classed as a sim, due to the level of complexity included, WoWP is most certainly a game aimed at the casual market, with its 15-minute maximum 15 v 15 multiplayer games. WoWP currently remains in closed beta, although the sign-up buttons are still active, while the lifting of the NDA implies that it will enter an open beta phase soon.

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