“Mustang Tales” comes to simMarket

107641_image002The name may sound like a 1950s comic book, but it’s actually the latest in the epic line of P-51 Mustang model releases from John Terrell and Warbirdsim.

Covering 15 aircraft which follow the entire life of the legendary fighter, Mustang Tales brings a few breaks from the norm into the pack, including the tailhook equipped aircraft seen above and a lightened race model amongst the WW2 and Korean War versions. Also shown above and what may be of particular interest to naval aviation fans, the pack also includes an AI model of the USS Shangri-La, developed by Michael Davies, with a route for it to follow. Comprehensive details and purchase information can be found here.

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  1. The Navy actually tested a naval version of the P51 which looks a lot like this one. The trouble with the plane was that it’s stall speed was too close to the ww2 arrestor wire limit of 90knots (82 was the ‘Stang’s stall speed) for safety.

    This is a fun idea though.

  2. If you look at the package, it does include a model of the one used for naval trials, according to the publishers’ documentation.

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