Majestic DASH8 updated

108372_image019Majestic Software have announced the availability of an update to their recently released DASH 8Q 400 Pilot Edition product, bringing it to version 1.006.

Among the updates are changes to alter the behaviour of the power levers, where users were experiencing difficulty selecting “DISC” position, to increase compatibility with some third-party products, plus a number of systems and display corrections and improvements.

Existing customers should have received an e-mail from their supplier, inviting them to download a new full installer for the product, while new customers will automatically receive version 1.006. The product is available here for EU customers and here for customers outside the EU, while a full list of updates can be found by clicking “Read more” below this article.

Q400 version 1.006

This version fixes the numerous issues, found in the initial MJC8-Q400 addon release.

The changes from the previous 1.005 version are grouped in the following categories:



+ aircraft.cfg: updated gear positions for smoother repositions

+ Now writing Vertical Speed to the FSX for compatibility with other 3rd party addons

+ mjc84.ini : Power Levers set for 0 position at DISC to enable the Reverse, using F2 button



+ Secondary bus will be powered by the APU

+ Sound : modified for Windows 8 usage

+ Nav: Fixed the DME antenna position

+ VHFs: Fixed the COM range to include 136.XXX



+ NavManager: Fixed Heading to Altitude procedural navigation

+ NavManager: Fixed Course to Altitude procedural navigation

+ NavManager: Fixed Course from Fix to Altitude procedural navigation

+ TERMINAL navigation: leg termination threshold is now  1.0 nm



+ included the wing and propeller views in the Virtual Cockpit



+ Fixed the incorrect inverse text output



+ Fixed the un-installer

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