PositionGames FSXLive.com

fsxliveThe latest release from PositionGames is FSXLive.com, currently in public beta test.

PositionGames.com releases a new utility for FSX. FSXLive.com is an moving map for Flight Simulator X running inside a browser. Using the free FSXFollow.exe client you can track your flight from any browser and any place, even on the go. No entering of IP address is required. FSXLive.com provides an additional screen functionality plotting your simulated location on top of Google Maps. FSXLive.com includes automatic support for FSX Flight Plans. More feautures will be added in the near future.

FSXLive is currently in public beta test and runs successfully on any modern brower. Users reported it already functions from : Internet Explorer, FireFox (PC and MAC), Safari , Samsung Smart TV, Sony PlayStation Vita, Android and iOS platforms and many others.

More information can be found at FSXLive.com.

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