Throttletek builds custom throttles


With the new company Throttletek, order your custom throttle, they build it upon demand.

Don’t look for a regular item and a fixed price, but you can revise the different models they have already made to check their abilities at

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  1. Hi there!

    Look’s promising, however, has anyone made experiences with the company and their products?

    Their homepage looks somewhat rudimentary…

  2. As they say on their webpage they are very new. I’d rather have them put their time into making a good product than worry about a glossy webpage. I’m sure in time they will spiff it up. If I were them I would also market the Prepar3D crowd heavily.

    Good luck to them!

  3. I almost ordered a 330 quadrant with flaps and spoilers included but the budget did not get my wife’s signature 🙂 Now one thing I keep asking myslef is why no big PC controllers company has done any (mass production) “plastic” quadrants for Airbus and Boeing models… Is there any rights to pay for those plane makers companies or xy agreements I do not know… But I keep asking why Saitek, CH and such had never thought desiging and producing Airliners consoles that “duplicate” specific Boeing or Airbus quadrants models and that are in the quality of the plastic generic quadrants and controllers they sell at reasonable prices… I think they could sell pretty well?! Because those small independant quadrant production businesses are aimed at cockpit builders with a big budget and use material that mimic the real one… Plus they are crafter by hand so they cost a good amount of money… Thus the market is narrow for their products…

  4. We are not that new of a company! 4 years in the bussines and more than 200 throttles sold!! Hope you can try our products some time and we are more than happy to answer any questions!



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