FSDG’s Germany North released


Mainly thanks to the efforts of one locally based publishing house, Germany is amongst the most populated countries in the world for MS FS scenery add-ons.

FSDG have now entered the arena as well, with Deutschland X North (DEX), the first part of a grand presentation for the entire country in aerial photo-based landclass, with OSM-based linear features, custom autogen, 3d lighting, improved airports and “up to 500” custom scenery objects within the area. DEX is designed to be compatible with other regional products such as VFR Germany, UTX Europe and GEX, plus can be combined with other add-ons such as German Airfields or Airports series packages.

It is available either as two separate packages covering the Terrain and Landmarks/Airports, or as a single Complete package, all for FSX SP2 or Accel only.

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