Charlotte from Imagine Sim released

110584_image006One of the top 10 largest airports in the United States, Charlotte Douglas International (KCLT/CLT) handles in excess of 40 million passengers every year.

This latest release from Imagine Sim, covering the airport, is a major recreation set over a satellite image, with the developers stating that they have accurately placed literally thousands of objects, right down to the security cameras covering the fence, along with personnel, vehicles, high resolution textured buildings and custom ground textures. Individual versions are available for FS9, released a short while ago, and now FSX, with a demo to ensure it works with your system before purchase. Find out more by clicking on your preferred sim version, above.

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  1. I was a silly early-adopter and, as was the case with the previous Imaginsim KCLT, this turns an otherwise reasonably performing system into an expensive slide projector. FPS are in single digits even with an uncomplicated airplane. Not to mention the fact that the jetways don’t appear even though the .bgl file is in the folder. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with less than a Cray XC30. I tried the demo, but the buildings flashed on and off so quickly that I couldn’t really tell if the product was suitable or not.

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