Carenado TBM 850 service pack 1


Carenado recently launched on the market the TBM 850 for Fsx / P3d.

Meanwhile, a service pack 1 is already available to bring a number of improvements and additions.

According to Carenado, SP1 comes with the following changes:

– Cruise Speed performance at high altitudes corrected. (FDE developed by Bernt Stolle).
– Several windows, messages and menus of G1000 were improved.
– Some knobs operated backwards. Now they are right.
– Pulse lights system added.
– Inertial separation and Prop O’Speed test now has action over the performance.
– Ignition signal corrected for AUTO mode.
– Bank function added to the autopilot.
– ITT now indicates in Celsius as it is in the checklist.
– Some stickers were misplaced.
– Doors sounds adjusted.
– Other small bugs fixed
You don’t need this patch if you downloaded the package after May 23rd, 2013 1500 GMT.
Customers have to log into their account at to download it.

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  1. this download contains malware it put me to a download installer delta search a know malware i have found to my cost thanks i,ll have to reload windows completely again as it stops exe files running,f–kin wonderfull

  2. You probably clicked on the Google ad. Has nothing to do with Carenado, and nothing with simflight, except perhaps they shouldn’t allow this to happen!

  3. I too saw a banner with “download now” in bright green bellow the article. I know better, by bitter experience, not to ever click on large letters saying “Download”..

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