FTX Global Amsterdam preview

FTX_global_preview_amsterdamWho’s gonna be against more screens of FTX Global ? Fine, because you get some of them taken over Amsterdam in Netherlands.

FTX Global will be the future wide solution of Orbx to cover the world with new default textures for FSX terrain and Autogen objects, no landclass or mesh upgrade here.

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  1. For those interested in Dutch scenery. Check out NL2000. It has covered the whole Netherlands (both summer and winter textures) and all airports except Schiphol (EHAM). And it’s completely free!

    Warning, NL2000 takes up 65GB. It works in FSX and P3D.

  2. If you mean Orbx then no.
    a) They don’t do large airports and
    b) FTX Global is, as it says, a global expansion, not just NL, so they have no reason to specifically be working on EHAM.

    NL2000 might have an updated EHAM, though. 😉

  3. Thanks Ian. Of course, some people do believe that NL is the whole world 🙂

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