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mzl.pnasvoxi.320x480-75PositionGames have further added to their FSX iDevice utilities with the release of FSXLive HD, turning your iGadget into a moving map, which can be accessed via the developers’ PC client application.

To view the full list of features, click “Read more” below, while the product can be found here at the Apple iTunes App Store.


Turn your iDevice into a second cockpit window for your flight simulator, with FSXLive HD!

All you need is your installed copy of Flight Simulator X, the free PC Client and internet access. That’s it.

Look at some of the exciting features you get in FSXLive:
* Easy-to-use interface
* Universal app – works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
* Connects to FSX,
* PC Client provided free (see
* Bird eye perspective view as if you watch the map from your cockpit
* VORs and NDBs visible on Map
* Airport Diagrams
* Follow your flight on the go. Not limited to home network only
* Option to save an incoming screenshot
* Route is shown as a line on the map
* Option to publish a screenshot
* Easy setup, no entering of ip address required
* No local network needed
* Option to transfer screenshots to your iPad, iPhone and iTouch (FSX only).
* Option to automatically snap to optimal zoom level
* Free updates and additional features as they become available
* Personalized and friendly customer support via email

Come and grab your slice of freedom. Download FSXLive HD now and watch from anywhere as your iDevice turns into a moving map for your simulated flight route.

Have a great flight!

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  1. Are FSXLive HD and FSX Follow the same app? I already have FSX Follow and don’t know if I should download FSX Live HD or not. If not the same, what are the differences?

  2. The main difference is the view of the map. In FSXFollow you will see the plane centered on the location of the map. in FSXLive the view is the virtually the view from the cockpit. In addition FSXLive has a improved rendering of the flight plan.

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