Lunar Flight updated

Shovsoft‘s Lunar Flight, in case you haven’t met it, is an inexpensive and pretty well regarded little spaceflight sim, centred around the operation of a lunar module on, as you might guess, the moon.

Now updated to version 1.8, the developers have added additional difficulty options, to make it more accessable, performance improvements, 2 new multiplayer missions and more. To see the full update list, click “Read more“, while you can find out more about the sim here.

Lunar Flight Update Version 1.8
Lunar Flight has been updated with new Multiplayer modes and many more new or improved features. New Difficulty options make it more accessible than ever before ensuring anyone can make progress and become a thrust vectoring master!
– Weapons Systems with Countermeasures
– 2 Multiplayer Modes (Mission Score & Deathmatch)
– Upto 16 Players
– A New Multiplayer Leaderboard
– Integrated Server Browser
– New Difficulty Options
– New Skill Based Scoring System
– 10 New Multiplayer Specific Achievements
– Performance Improvements Upto (25%) Faster Rendering
– Improved UI
– Improved Special FX
– Miscellaneous Polish & Bug Fixes
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Friday, June 21, 2013 14:43

Looks good to me. I think I will buy it now. I wonder if they will do a version for the Ipad?

Friday, June 21, 2013 09:48

This really is a great little game. Well worth the money. I have wasted countless hours of my life on this with no regrets.