JustFlight’s Tristar at simMarket

JustFlight‘s recently released Tristar airliner has been released to resellers and is now available in both boxed and download versions for FSX via simMarket.

With four variants, covering passenger and freight/tanker aircraft, the package covers most of the well known versions of one of the classic airliners of all time, with its distintive tri-jet layout and global market penetration. You’ll still find a few around today. Navigation is by INS or GPS, with the latest patch adding a FMC system to the options, while refuelling controls on the appropriate models will allow that operation to be simulated too. The package is rounded out with a TSS sound set to give life to the RB211 engines and plenty of eye candy as well.

As is now the norm, for JustFlight releases, the livery pack is available here.

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  1. I love the TriStar but unfortunately it’s only for the FSX and not FS9 a shame about that

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