FlyFreeSTD – Flanker-D Su-33


The famous Russian fighter Su-33 is bundled with the ship Admiral Kuznetsov for FSX.

Curious to know what can be the interactions between both of them and the specific features of the Sukhoi brought by FlyFreeSTD ? Check this out at simMarket.

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  1. FlyFreeSTD ? where is this plane for free ? Bought the SUCHOJ T-50 for FSX for 20 € but very poor quality and airfile unrealistic.

  2. I got the package. Kuznetsov is cool, very detailed, but only one takeoff point raises deflector. But is possible to takeoff and land on this ship with the Su33. I had to rename the ship in the sim.cfg, to make it possible to program a given track for it.
    The Su-33 is not very realistic I think. But since I have no idea, how the real thing behaves, this is just my subjective meaning. I think the engines spool up a bit too fast. Elevator I changed to 1. Now it’s possible to fly cobra manouvres. One problem I try to fix too, is the rolling back to center. This plane reacts, as if a wing leveler is active. The outside view is very detailed and looks perfect. Cocpit is for easy use, not for realism, since not in Russian.
    Overall, I think its’ a good deal if you want both, the ship and the aircraft.

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