Captain Sim 777 v1.2 ready for D/L


Just a few hours ago only, Captain Sim announced they’ve uploaded version 1.2 of their 777 Captain, available as a new full installer. Backup your additional liveries, electronic flight bag data until you install the new one, and they ask you to boot before you fly.

If you’ve been disappointed by the Captain 777 so far, even with the last update v1.1 launched in March 2013, maybe the version 1.2 changelog will sound positive to you : autothrottle, autopilot and Navigation Display have been upgraded. This last one even has new features : Terrain, TCAS and Weather radar are included.

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  1. Was watching the preview films on their website showing the cabin interior, the animations in the cockpit and the EFB. I read a lot of criticism surrounding flyability but Captain Sim sure does wonders in 3D modeling.

  2. Starting from a dark and cold situation, I’ve inserted all FMC route data but the selected, activated and validated SID didn’t display on ND. It was blank between my departure airport and the first route waypoint I inserted. At this time, I check my parking break was not set. I set it , it freezes my ND display in Map mode. The EFIS mode knob didn’t have anymore control on ND… great. ND freezes again in CS 777 v1.2..

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