Bid farewell to Flight’s DLC as store set to close

flightNot many will mourn its passing, but when the PC Marketplace closes next Thursday, users of Microsoft’s Flight sim will no longer be able to purchase new cockpitless aircraft to fly, or the add-on packs to fly them over Hawaii or Alaska.

On their Facebook page, the Flight “community team” stated “Although you will no longer be able to purchase any MS Flight content after August 22nd, you can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading it through the Games for Windows LIVE client software even if it was purchased through Steam.

We doubt many people will actually notice – although we do wonder if they’ll actually patch it to remove the ads now – but with recent attempts to crack open the “walled garden” showing signs of achieving some of their goals, it’s still a pity that Microsoft messed this whole project up quite so badly.

Details on the closure of the PC Marketplace can be found here.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013 03:14

I congratulate the Moderator of this forum: we are disrupted enaugh with Microsoft blunder (greed, I would say) without having to put-up with foul language. Resentment wont resucitate Flight! Me, I just “discovered” Golden Wings for FS 2004 …

Friday, August 23, 2013 05:48

It never was intended to be a true Flight Simulator, but a game, which is how 50% of Flight Simmers look at it. If you were to paly it on your X-box, never having seen a Flight Simulator before, then your experience would have been different.

Saturday, August 17, 2013 17:33

Moderator edit: If you cannot post here without swearing, you are not welcome.

Tércio Sampaio
Saturday, August 17, 2013 15:09

Hi, Yes i agree, many crying people was because watch it as an fs11 and not as a new simulator. In my opinion, if it had more (not so costy) sceneries/areas and more nice aircrafts WITH cockpits, it was a very nice simulator for introduction to more serious/complete ones or as a secundary one for fun flights. The big problem was costy addons without cockpit, infinite times for new releases of addons, and the era that we leave “The Age of Trolls” that is always cool to cry and follow trolls without saying nothing positive. After some time it becames… Read more »

Saturday, August 17, 2013 12:56

I still regret the demise of MS Flight, because it really showed a lot of potential. But indeed, the MS Marketeers completely messed it up. A real shame.