Orbx FTX Global update 1.10

Orbx_FTX_global_patch_1-1In case you have replaced FSX default textures by Orbx FTX Global, you should read the following.

The update 1.10 is ready for download and it is intended to improve the 3D lights with stronger effects and less FPS problems, among others.

Changes include:

  • Improved 3D lights that perform even better FPS and more denser Vector Lights
  • Increased 3D lights size by 40% for further view distance and greater brightness (eventually we will release a 3D lights tuning app V2)
  • Edited 3D lights annotation for many urban textures previously missing lighting
  • Added intersection vehicle red tail lights, red/green traffic lights, and neon lights in commercial areas
  • Edits to autogendescriptions.spb to add missing compatibility for some SCO Scotland objects and also missing veg at KWYS
  • New landclass for the USA SW region to eradicate the “green deserts” and also add in the indigenous red desert in that region
  • New landclass for parts of Africa where pine trees are being shown instead of native African trees
  • FTX Global Uninstaller (already released separately) – http://www.orbxsyste…al-uninstaller/
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Sunday, September 15, 2013 02:25


XP10 may have better lighting and its better than the FSX default lighting

Not sure about the bag of rice thing… /smh

Sunday, September 8, 2013 20:54

there, right now, lies a bag of rice in china- under a tree

Sunday, September 8, 2013 11:09

FSX/P3D is still very ugly at night even with FTXG, XP10 has beautiful night lighting