Taxi2Gate – MMMX Mexico City Xtreme

Taxi2Gate_Mexico_City_XtremeExactly as the scenery name says, the newest Taxi2Gate entry at simMarket installs at once : the main Mexican airport Benito Juarez MMMX, and the city populated with handplaced Autogen, custom 3D buildings.

And by Xtreme, I guess they mean how heavy is the amount of details and realism. Overflying Mexico DF in final approach, getting closer to the terminal facade with never seen before details, and the moving jetways are definately positive points to add this one in your FSX sceneries library. Here you go.

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  1. Hi, these are greats news!

    Do you know if owners of MMMX v2 can upgrade to this version with a discount? If so, what must we do in order to get it?

    Thanks in advance,

    Gerard Cabezon

  2. Hola !
    From what I’ve seen on the commercial pictures, it seems like a total new product. As I don’t see any upgrade note at simMarket, I guess it’s not possible to get a discount.. and this would confirm my first point. Best is to ask directly to the developers for last confirmation. Lo siento.

    1. Hola! Muchas gracias for your quick answer. As I couldn’t wait, I purchased it few hours ago! It worst to purchase, the detail is something great, and no cost of frames per second!!!
      Cheers from España!

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